Rex Luciferius Partners with Amuse Digital Music Distributor

Rex Luciferius


Rex Luciferius Partners with Amuse DIGITAL Music Distributor


Rex Luciferius the band that single handedly created the red hot genre of music being called Prophecy Music has decided to partner with to distribute digitally the bands Prophecy Songs on iTunes and other digital platforms such as Spotify.

The songs of Rex Luciferius took control of SoundCloud Charts in 2016 with over 30 Million Plays producing three #1 Hits and 25 Top 10 Hits in Five Genres of music. SoundCloud is the #1 music platform for music listeners in the key under 22 year old demographic.

The plays were driven by embeds across the large 1 MEDIA Network. recently teamed up with Black Eye Peas front man Will.I.AM to push the new digital distribution company as the future of Indie Music Artists.

Rex Luciferius is one of the first major  Indie Bands to embrace the visionary new digital distribution model of that allows Indie Bands to distribute unlimited songs for free and keep 100% of Royalties from streaming and store sales.

Rex Luciferius is a founder of 1 MEDIA the Media Company that operates hundreds of business portals and local search portals that has dozens of Apps for their main sites that aggregates thousands of new articles a day and controls one of the largest social media footprints in the world.

1  MEDIA sites and Apps include

1 News

1 Search

1 eMusic

1 eMovies

1 eBooks

1 Lawyer

1 Doctor

1 Dentist

1 Cars

1 New York City

1 Los Angeles

1 Chicago

1 London

1 Miami


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