Rex Luciferius Drops California Earthquake Song

Rex Luciferius


California Earthquake Song
California Earthquake Song


Rex Luciferius Earthquake Song

The Prophet of Rock & Country Warns West Coast

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Rex Luciferius has released their new Prophecy Song CALIFORNIA from their upcoming Album titled PROPHECY.

The song explains how THE BIG ONE is about to hit and it’s GOODBYE CALIFORNIA.


The past month Rex Luciferius has been one of the most listened to bands in the world on SoundCloud with over 20 Million plays of their songs due to the release of their new album Cross Roads for FREE on SoundCloud and the album is already being hailed as one of the most if not the most important albums in music history due to it has the famous Prophecy Songs of Luciferius that his fans consider to be really predicting our future.

The Album is the featured Embedded Album on hundreds of websites which is driving the mega-millions of Plays the Song are getting on SoundCloud. The free song plays on Sound Cloud are also being driven by Social Media where thousands of Tweets in Twitter have made the songs some of the most tweeted about topics in the world.









Rex Luciferius

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