Rex Luciferius #1 Song Rock and Country SoundCloud

Rex Luciferius


Rex Luciferius

#1 Song Rock & Country SoundCloud


Rex Luciferius is now the #1 Song in both Rock and Country on SoundCloud for new releases. In all Rex Luciferius released 25 songs this week to SoundCloud and all have smashed into the charts.

This is a historic moment in music history since the 25 songs are charting to make Rex Luciferius in the next week or so the #1 Artist in 5 genres of music. Something no other artist has ever done in the history of music.

Hurt is the #1 Song in Country and Sympathy for the Devil is the #1 Song in Rock for new releases. 20 original songs from Rex Luciferius are BULLETS on the 5 Charts that reflect the type of music Rex Luciferius creates.

Known as THE PROPHET of Rock & Country, Rex Luciferius has a cult following around the world due to their music being considered to be the first music that is actually PROPHECY MUSIC. The new Album by Rex Luciferius is titled Cross Roads and it is indeed a Cross Over where Rex Luciferius takes control of the world of music.

7 New Songs from Rex Luciferius are now in the TOP 10 of Country for new releases on SoundCloud. The songs are expected to move into the main TOP 10 Charts this week.

Rex Luciferius has 20 New Original Songs on SoundCloud and 5 Covers and every song is charting now. Rex Luciferius is expect to take the top spots on the main charts in 5 different categories showing the bands rare cross genre appeal.

The Genres that Rex Luciferius is charting in are






The top songs in Country charts  include


John F Kennedy


The End


The Box


SoundCloud Top 10 Chart Country
SoundCloud Top 10 Chart Country

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Top 10 Chart SoundCloud Rock

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