Black Roses



Rex Luciferius

Black Roses
Black Roses

Black Roses

By Rex Luciferius

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Black Roses

Lyrics (c) 2016 Rex Luciferius


Black Roses


People say that Red Roses

Means that I love you, from my heart

At least that’s what people say

Well I don’t love with my heart


So, when I meet a pretty young girl

With that speck of light in her eyes

That I know I’ve seen before

I don’t give her red roses


To a special girl that my soul knows from before

I give her black roses

Then I say to that special girl

Black Roses mean love from my eternal soul


While most love with a broken heart

I only love deep in my soul

Every girl I meet with that special light in her eyes

I truly love from the depths of my dark soul


Sorry if I can’t stick to just one

You see, I know on this big wheel

I’ve spun around many times before

Since we’re all stuck on that old cursed wheel of life


So any time I meet a lovely and lonely old soul

That I spent a lifetime with before

I know she’s been in my life many times through eternity

So I always give black roses


I say to her, I give you Black Roses

Cause I truly love you

Not just with a broken heart like all the others

But with my eternal soul I truly love you


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