Beware SRL Network Skunk Radio Live is a SCAM

Rex Luciferius

Skunk Radio Scam
Skunk Radio Scam


SRL Network Skunk Radio Live

is a SCAM

What I hate more than SPAM is a SCAM that uses SPAM.

This ‘Radio Station’ is pure bullshit and have been caught charging artists to get their crap songs played.

Now my music is published by an INDY LABEL that means it is aggregated and can be played already on any radio station that wants to play the albums I have allowed to be aggregated.

So all their bullshit about ‘auditions’ and crap is well BULLSHIT and it comes with fees so it’s a 100% SCAM.

Besides RADIO IS DEAD young listeners now use FREE STREAMS and that’s why I had over 30 Million Streams last summer on SoundCloud when I released one of my new albums and pushed it a little across my huge NETWORK of famous sites. I can drive any song I want with NEW MEDIA I control hundreds of famous sites and have mega millions in traffic every month on my network and have had it for decades.

So Skunk Radio Live you jerkoff SPAM SCAMMERS I had 30 Million Plays and 3 number 1 hits last summer in 3 Genres on SoundCloud and in total I put over 20 songs onto SoundClouds TOP 10 Charts in 5 genres of music and you dare to spam me about an audition you limp dick faggots.

Oh, SoundCloud is now the worse site to put your streams on, they are so SLOW it fucks up your site so I had to remove them from all the APPS I control and shit due to how bad their network is for SPEED. So I proved my point, I took over the charts for a few months when I wanted to on SoundCloud but their network SUCKS. Oh, if you’re not in the stable of one of the big labels that now control and own SoundCloud the cheap fuckers don’t pay Indy Labels shit. SO FUCK SOUNDCLOUD.

Now if these clowns did more than run a whois for our website to get the email address they spammed, they would see links to my AGENT on my site saying MEDIA go bother my agent here.

Instead, they search whois for a public email addresses to send SPAM to and some desperate artists think they hit the lottery since a ‘radio station’ is interested in them.

They are a SCAM and people say their followers on Twitter are FAKE and their FB Likes are fake.

Now you know when that sleazebag Bubba the Love Sponge dared to bother my agent asking me to be on his slimebag show, his producer got his asshole rimmed out by my agent saying my domain that being Sheol or HELL would have to freeze over before I wasted 1 second of my precious time on that scumbags show.

So on Twitter I burnt that fucker to a crisp with his fans and haters all agreeing I DESTROYED HIM on Twitter with my wit. He dared to try to slam me publicly when my agent told his producer to go get fucked.

So now I’m warning all artists DO NOT FALL FOR THE SKUNK RADIO LIVE SPAM SCAM.

They’re pure bullshit and if they want to play your music, well aggregate it and join one of the handful of organizations that track all radio stations and then any radio station can play it and you earn pennies for each play. Oh, once you register with those agencies if your stuff had air play even over decades they hold the dough in a trust waiting for artists and their estate to eventually claim the royalties. You don’t even have to aggregate your music to be played on radio since all legit radio stations file monthly reports with each song they played on them that goes to a handful of artist organizations that were created to just keep track of radio play and collect the money for artists.

Oh, technically, the only people getting PAID from radio are not even the recording artists, it’s the song writer and the music composer. WRITERS get paid from radio play, recording artists make nothing. Recording artists get paid from record sales and now streams of their performances.

The fact is radio is and has always been one big fuck in the artists ass. Huge stations only pay less than a fucking DIME to play your  song, so RADIO SUCKS and besides who the fuck listens to radio anymore. I stopped listening to radio like 30 years ago.

I don’t care what the fuck they play on radio, I don’t care what the fuck Rolling Stone says, I don’t give a shit about anyone as to what they think they know about music.

They know shit 99.9% of the time unless they’re a real musician and then they know, you play for yourself and if someone likes it great, if not FUCK THE WORLD it’s a god damn illusion anyway.

Now my music is THE FIRST FUCKING PROPHECY MUSIC ever recorded on this shithole prison rock of a planet that usually only retarded spirits even bother coming to, it’s a back water cesspool of a planet.

So when all the ‘bands’ you think are famous are long dust, no one will remember them in the future, not even the Stones or Beatles and certainly not an asswipe like Kanye West or Justin Bieber.

Those fuckers MEAN NOTHING and after the big rock wipes out 99.9% of humanity shortly after 2022, well the only music anyone will remember is MY FUCKING MUSIC.

My fans know I’ve been predicting THE FUTURE with exact details so they’re all heading to safe zones and those are the only humans who SURVIVE and my song THE END gives the details.

So when the remnant of humanity is huddled in caves and sitting around their camp fires starving, they will only be singing my songs since that’s all that matters IN THE END…


SKUNK RADIO you spammed the wrong mother fucker and now I’m calling you out for SPAMMING one of our corporate email accounts you asswipes.

Here is their SPAM and not they say don’t use it. FUCK YOU SUE ME SPAMMER and I’ll have the plug pulled on your spam factory faster than you can say we’re out of business.


Good day,

I discovered some of your independent music projects online, and hope it’s alright to contact you this way.

I’m an A&R representative at SRL Networks in London, an artist relations company representing independent musicians and labels around the world. We are looking for new music for our radio network, music licensing catalog and artist promotion roster, and I’d like to invite you to audition.

Subject to a successful audition, SRL Networks will get your independent releases heard by entertainment industry professionals and fans around the world, and help facilitate music licensing and distribution deals, live events bookings, record label and music publisher deals and more. You will receive a detailed agreement once your audition has been successful.

You can find out more about us at and find out how to submit music and obtain your audition ticket at

Please do get in touch, it would be a pleasure to hear from you.

Kind regards,
Steve MGeneral Manager
The Skunk Radio Live Auditions

SRL Networks London Ltd | T: 020 3286 0210 | E:

This message is intended only for the use of the Addressee and may contain information that is privileged and confidential. If you are not the intended recipient, you are hereby notified that any dissemination of this communication is strictly prohibited. If you have received this communication in error, please erase all copies of the message and its attachments and notify us if possible. Thank you.

Sender Ref: FUCKYOU Artist/Label Ref: FUCKYOU

SRL Networks London Limited, 3 More London Riverside, London Bridge, UK. SE1 2RE





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